A movement to value the strengths of every child



A movement to value the strengths of every child

Join us and be part of the change

Our exam system is a mess. Now is the time to reshape it.

Exams have a stranglehold on our entire education system. They dominate what is taught, how it is taught, and lived experience of every child, parent and teacher in the country.

Many young people find the way our exam system works increasingly stressful and not a true reflection of what they can do or are good at. The arms race for grades is brutal, and the notion of ‘raising standards’ redundant; the GCSE system necessitates that the bottom third fail. 

Headteachers feel that high stakes exams distort priorities and stops them from providing a well rounded education for their pupils. 

Our assessment system is not giving universities, colleges or employers the kind of information they want, or evidencing the kinds of dispositions and capabilities which help young people to succeed at school and in life. 

Exams have been cancelled for 2 years and now is the moment to push hard for change.

The aim of rethinking assessment is:

To make the argument for change though case studies, analysis, evidence and thoughtful blogs

To start to provide some workable solutions, practical ideas and approaches that we will pilot in our schools and offer as real alternatives.

So, if you believe now is the time to rethink assessment, join us, help us, add your voice and ideas.

How do we ensure that...

the assessment system recognises the full range of a young person’s strengths?

the needs of a rich and broad curriculum underpin the design of any assessment?

a young person is given proper recognition for achieving the set criteria instead of there being a fixed pass rate for assessments?

assessment is useful for the pathways of all students whether going to university, college or employment?

schools are judged on the quality and range of their education offer and not a narrow set of exam results?

we learn from the best assessment practices in the UK and across the world?

This is your chance to help us answer these important questions

Rethinking Assessment in the news

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Professor Philip Young Director of Undergraduate Studies, School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick

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Join us and be part of the change