Help us Rethink Assessment

Help us solve the problems of assessment. This is your chance to change the education system.

Get involved with Rethinking Assessment and help us provide workable alternatives to our current failing exam system.

We have embarked an intense six month process to find ideas and develop solutions to change our current assessment system. We want to create new approaches to assessment to test out in our schools.

We are looking for a range of solutions that can work at:

System level

Across groups of schools

In individual schools

Classroom level

The process: Design Thinking Workflow

We are using a design thinking process to get underneath the problem.

PHASE 1 Design the right thing

January, February, March, April, May

PHASE 2 Design things right

January, February, March, April, May

The Challenges 

Throughout the process there will be a number of different ways that you can get involved in Rethinking Assessment. One of those is through community challenges!

We wanted you to help us decide the problems that Rethinking Assessment will focus on.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first community challenge, where we asked you to identify the most important problems with the current exam system.

Some important problems identified by our community were:

said we don’t measure the full range of a student’s capabilities
said we don’t value creation and making
said the forgotten third who leave with nothing

To read more about the results and actions from your feedback, view the full report

We wanted you to help us find solutions to the lack of breadth and depth in assessment, and lack of recognition of wider skills and dispositions.

Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas, projects and case studies for our second community challenge, where we looked to crowdsource solutions to some of the problems we’ve identified with our current assessment system.

We received submissions from a wide variety of organisations:

of contributors were primary or secondary schools
of contributors were local authorities or school networks
of contributors were involved with EdTech

To read more about the results and actions from your feedback, view the full report

Challenge 3 

Time remaining to get involved:

Running from 7th April - 7th May


On 30th March we held a webinar with Professor Guy Claxon – Getting better at evidencing the full range of young peoples’ dispositions – and discussed which dispositions should potentially be taught and evidenced through assessment in school and college. Around the world there are a multitude of approaches being developed and deployed to provide a richer and more holistic picture of a learners strengths and achievements, with England increasingly an outlier. 

Guy gave a list of seven skills/dispositions that he thinks should be considered most important, and we’d like to know what you think too.

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